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Help increase customer loyalty and create a high-margin revenue stream

Services are more than a one-time sale. They can be the foundation of successful long-term customer relationships.

Build a strong renewal and conversion business to help you

  • Create a recurring high-margin revenue stream.
  • Keep competition away.
  • Increase the likelihood of repurchase.
  • Save effort, as it is easier to develop repeat customers than find new ones.
  • Open up new upsell opportunities.
  • Become a trusted advisor, helping customers stay ahead of their competition and get better returns over their solution lifetime.

Keep track of customer renewal cycles and engage early to discuss their needs and arrange follow-on services and products:

  • Extend expiring HPE Support Solutions with Post Warranty Support Services or convert to contract.
  • Renew HPE Contractual Services and potentially upsell to higher service levels.
  • Replace older products with leading edge technology.
  • Consider co-termination to consolidate expiring stand-alone support services onto an existing contract renewal for a potentially higher win rate, reduced sales and admin work and continuity of support.

Foundational Renewals Training

Learn the basics of selling renewals with a series of short trainings introducing contractual services selling, the renewal planning approach, and the core portfolio to renew and upsell.

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