Global Entertainment and Resort Company Continues to Slash Time to Protect, Detect, and Correct

Adding innovative security technologies boosts security posture and mitigates risk

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MGM Resorts International is a large and growing hospitality and entertainment company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company operates 20 resort

properties worldwide, which include more than 340 bars and restaurants and 170 retail establishments.

Chief Information Security Officer Scott Howitt oversees security for the entire global enterprise, which encompasses 20,000 endpoints, various operating

systems, and applications that span the gaming, hospitality, entertainment, food and beverage, retail, and hotel industries.


■ Mitigate risks as quickly as possible and block zero-day attacks, today and in the future

■ Understand the risk and impact of increasingly complex threats and attack patterns

■ Provide 24/7 uptime across multiple industries and applications

■ Protect customers’ personal data and company’s reputation

■ Reduce security operations expenditures yet stay current

■ Overcome lack of integration between security vendors to assist with operational processes and visibility

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