Phone Cable

Addasound supplys quality telephone headset cable and phone headset cord. Our DN Series telephone headset cords feature many sizes, 2.5mm, 3.5mm.

Addasound Phone cable

USB Cable

Addasound supplys quality USB headset cable. Our DN Series USB headset cable feature many sizes.


Addasound supplys quality telephone headset adapter. Our DN Series desk phone headset adapter features many sizes, such as a micro USB headset adapter and wireless headset adapter.

Addasound Adapter
Addasound Training Cable

Training Cable

Addasound supplys quality training cable. Our DN Series training cable can be used in the wired headset and wireless headset.

Ear Cushions

Addasound supplys quality headset ear cushions. Our DN Series ear cushions include foam ear cushions and leatherette ear cushions.

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