Crystal 2731-2732:

Call & Contact Headsets With Noise Canceling Microphones

The agents in contact centers and offices who handle high call volumes deserve a reliable telephone headset to manage their daily work. With a contemporary design, ADDASOUND Crystal 2731/ 2732 headsets are an ideal solution for cost-conscious organizations. For a small investment, agents and customers can have a smooth and clear conversation without annoying background noise and repeat dialogue. ADDASOUND headsets pass over 25 rigorous and intense tests before they are approved to launch to the market.  With their noise-cancelling, comfort and durability, ADDASOUND headsets consistently outperform the competition and improve call quality while at the same time reducing headset cost.


Technical Specifications

  • • The wired headset with noise cancelling microphone filters out ambient noise and interference
  • • 150-6800Hz wideband audio processing guarantees natural sound communication
  • • Memory steel headband allows you to adjust it tighter or looser for the fit of your head
  • • Robust design and high-quality materials withstand intensive daily use
  • • Over 25 rigorous, intense tests guarantee reliability and durability
  • • Flexible uni-body boom design ensures durability and precise positioning of the microphone
  • • Ultra-lightweight design and soft foam ear cushions for all-day comfort
  • • Easy deployment in different platforms such as desk phones and softphones via a variety of quick-disconnect cords
  • • Maximum volume control protects the hearing under intensive usage
  • • Only environmental-friendly materials are used
  • • Premium leatherette ear cushions are available separately.

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