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Leverage Windows 11 Pro devices + Microsoft 3651, the perfect pair for a secure, AI-powered cloud solution.

Windows 11 Pro devices + Microsoft 365

The perfect pair

Windows 11 Pro devices and Microsoft 365 offer a complete solution combining a modern, secure, AI-enhanced operating system optimized for productivity and collaboration, and a cloud-based suite of apps that help organizations work smarter and faster.

To break new ground, you need ground-breaking devices. Windows 11 Pro devices can accelerate workflows and collaboration 50% on average.2 With experiences that elevate the potential of everyone on your team.

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Experience Copilot in two ways

Copilot in Windows3

Enables you to interact with your PC to personalize settings, accessories, and more actions to enhance creativity and productivity

Copilot for Microsoft 3654

Works alongside you to unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and uplevel skills using natural language prompts directly integrated in your apps.

Learn how Copilot can help you work smart.

Work smart to unleash user productivity

Many small and mid-sized organizations rely on teamwork and collaboration to achieve their goals. Simplify your employees’ workday and empower them to make a bigger impact faster with AI assistance.

42% faster completion of demanding workloads with Copilot in Windows2

Work secure with advanced protection

As the digital landscape grows larger and more complex, so do security threats. Protect your apps, identities, data, and devices with built-in security features to be more secure than ever.

58% drop in security incidents with Windows 11 Pro devices5

Work fast and supercharge your insights and efficiency

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure becomes more complex and difficult to manage. Reduce costs and burdens on IT, and deploy scalable and flexible solutions to adapt to changing needs.

80% drop in helpdesk calls with enhancements for fast and reliable connectivity6

Download the e-book today

to learn how you can elevate workstyles with the latest productivity and security enhancements, and Work Magic with Windows 11 Pro devices and Microsoft 365.

Attach Microsoft 365 to your purchase

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