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SketchUp at glance

3D Modeling

Intuitive and simple way to draw accurately in 3D to produce detailed, professional grade models and documents.

SketchUp BIM, Classification & Reporting

BIM, Classification & Reporting

Easily import and export IFC files, export customizable reports for material and cost estimates in just a few clicks!

SketchUp Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction

With SketchUp, capture and communicate your intent by creating accurate constructible models.


Choose preferred 2D views from your 3D models. Generate coloured drawings for contractors to understand easily and black/white drawings for document submissions. Pull out dimensions quickly using the LayOut tool.

SketchUp Style Builder

Style Builder

Adding your personal style is an important part of presenting your design to a client. Style builder allows you to create customized line styles using imported digital or hand-drawn strokes.

Vray SketchUp Studio

V-Ray for SketchUp *only on SketchUp Studio

SketchUp Studio Scan Essential

Scan Essential *only on SketchUp Studio

Direct modeling

Draw and snap directly onto your point cloud using SketchUp’s native toolbox and accurately translate your point cloud into a 3D model. Lock onto a single plane for added modeling precision.


SketchUp PreDesign


PreDesign, a climate research tool NEW!

Churn out climate analysis in seconds, generate pre-calculated glazing ratio strategy, shortlist the best shading and top lighting strategies and see quickly how to optimize the use of outside space.


Create stunning walkthrough easily in a few clicks to visualize the sequence and flow of your creations.

SketchUp for Mobile

SketchUp for Mobile

Navigate and present your own SketchUp projects on Android and iOS phones and tablets using SketchUp Viewer.

SketchUp Viewer for VR

Take the models to virtual reality using a headset. Host multi-user see-what-we-see viewing sessions remotely. With virtual reality (VR), you and your teammates can virtually facilitate clear and efficient communication about complex spatial issues.

SketchUp Viewer for Hololens

With HoloLens, you can experience projects by walking through them at full one to one scale. Fly around your project models by choosing from the list of the scenes that you’ve created in SketchUp; toggle tag visibility on or off to control the visibility of objects in the model; select and control the visibility of objects in your models using the Outliner panel; and use the Entity Info tool to quickly access important attribute data about objects in your model.

Explore Trimble Connect

User Management

Easily review and remaining seats of your account and assign license to your team.

Plan Management

Easily add, remove, or change seat to a different plan.

Trimble Unlimited Cloud Storage and Data Sharing

Unlimited Cloud Storage and data sharing

No worries about your files being too large with unlimited storage. Easily share files with your assigned team members.

Trimble User Activity Tracking

User activity tracking

Easily track changes to your files.

Trimble BIM Viewing

BIM Viewing

Bring together 3D models of different formats: IFC, RVT, SKP, DWG, DXF, DGN, IGES in one single view.

Trimble Clash Detection

Clash Detection

Check for structural conflict within a 3D model. Clash reports provide detailed views of the clashes in the 3D model, showing a clearance as a positive measurement and a clash as a negative measurement.

Trimble Create Teams for Collaboration

Create teams for collaboration

Define user groups, configure access permissions for team members and monitor project costs and maintenance requirements.

Trimble To Do List

To do list

Add To Do tasks for collaborators, facilitate communications and stay on top of project status by using view or add comments feature.

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