Identify Fonts with CorelDraw

Have you ever seen a beautiful font, and wanted to use it in your own designs? Or maybe your client has given you a sample document, but can’t tell you which font is used in it. Situations like these can lead to hours of headaches as you search through font libraries trying to find a perfect match. But there is a better way! This tutorial shows you how to identify the font that is used in a presentation or document quickly and easily using CorelDRAW.

Written Tutorial

The applications and features described in this tutorial require CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X7.

If you like the look of a font in a brochure, newsletter or other document, it’s sometimes difficult to identify what font is being used.

Of course, you could search through books to find the font, but that will take a long time. There is a quicker way with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

  1. Scan the document, and  import it into CorelDRAW.
  2. In CorelDRAW, click Text >  WhatTheFont?!.
  3. Select an area that contains the font you would like to identify.
  4. Click or press Enter to go to the MyFonts website, where font suggestions are provided for the selected area of your scanned document.

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