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NetBackup 9.1

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What’s the latest update in Veritas NetBackup 9.1 ?

Veritas aspires to transform data management. Veritas NetBackup™ enables businesses to protect their entire enterprise with a single platform. NetBackup 9.1 is the next evolution: simplifying operations, increasing performance and resiliency, and extending support to cloud-native containers and Kubernetes.

With more than 100 exabytes under protection, NetBackup protects the world’s most valuable data regardless of where it resides— from edge to core to cloud, eliminating point products while reducing risks and total cost of ownership (TCO). Here are the top reasons to upgrade to NetBackup 9.1:

1. Open and Flexible Containerization Support

Can get fully integrated native protection for kubernetes. Use native kurbenetes constructs and API’s to recover what you want where you want. Additionally, apply flexible and multi-tier recovery scenarios to Vmware workloads.

2. Cloud Operational Simplicity

Simplify and accelerate cloud adaption, Reduce cloud-native cost, and with complete security and credential management to ensure corporate governance and industry compliance requirements are maintained in the cloud.

3. Performance and Resiliency, At Scale

Low-impact continuous data protection and integrated Vmware Instant Rollback. Machine learning automatically detects and alerts on unexpected changes and anomalies to backup data and Immutable storage on AWS S3 enables to meet the most stringent compliance requirements while offering complete protection against ransomware.

Resilience from ransomware.

Protect. Detect. Recover.

Ensure data integrity, monitor your environment and recover at scale to optimize your resilience.

Cloud data protection.

Manage private and public clouds more efficiently.

One solution manages it all. Unified end-to-end deduplication. Resiliency. Migration. Snapshot orchestration. Disaster recovery.


Virtual environments.

The most VMs protected, recovered and moved to the cloud.

Protect VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, Red Hat Virtualization, Azure Stack and OpenStack with automated protection and instant access to VM data via flexible recovery.

NetBackup Resiliency.

At-scale disaster recovery with near-zero RPO and RTO.

Protect your data with 60+ public cloud storage targets, an automated, SLA-driven resiliency platform and a new supported integration with NetBackup.

NetBackup Workloads.



SQL and Oracle

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