Open Source for the Edge at IoT World

Infrastructure is becoming a more critical element in the conversations and work focused around Edge Computing. An ever-growing range of input devices, from smart phones to automotive sensors, is driving the demand for edge systems and services that can effectively and reliably bridge data between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). The expected output of such systems, of course, is to collect, store and aggregate useful data close to the source with minimized latency, while providing powerful, real-time insights that will allow businesses to make decisions faster.

All of this has helped fuel demand for a new and more robust architecture in an edge environment, capable of secure and reliable compute power that bridges information transfer between the datacenter and the edge. As distributed infrastructure gets closer to device activity and output, companies are looking for innovative ways to leverage open source technology that will help save cost and gain a competitive advantage–while looking to improve in-house productivity and the experiences of its customers.

The Power of Many

As technologies converge to drive new innovation at the edge, organizations are working together more than ever to pave the road forward by combining the likes of 5G, AI/ML, Embedded Systems, High Performance Computing, Kubernetes, private/public environments and more. Companies are bringing specific domain expertise to the table, and SUSE is uniquely positioned with 28 years of Linux and open source expertise to serve as the foundation for developing, distributing and managing edge systems and the critical workloads they will support.

With a multi-modal operating system at its core, SUSE brings hardened and reliable open source technology to edge computing with flexible and powerful embedded systems, simplified container management, (Read: SUSE’s Acquisition of Rancher Labs), multi-platform infrastructure management, and intelligent, scalable storage.

The SUSE culture and ethos revolves around ‘The Power of Many’, so reach out today to learn more about the flexibility and choice SUSE provides, and why that could mean faster time to value at the edge for you, and your customers.


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