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Adversign Media Provides Samsung Digital Signage for Digital Advertising Spaces in Shopping Malls and Eye-Catching Displays Made Simple


In the future you will not need a great deal of equipment to implement digital signage: just a monitor and software for controlling and reproducing content. Adversign Media provides digital signage for professional installations in shopping malls, such as the system installed in the Vennehof shopping mall in Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia. The specialist provider used Samsung large format displays (LFD) that offer high image quality and elegant design. What makes the system even more convenient to use in the Vennehof shopping mall is the innovative System-on-Chip (SoC) technology. This digital signage solution also provides an all-in-one monitor and player.

Advertising, information and signposting systems in shopping malls, such as the latest offers in the shoe shop, the spring sale at the optician and the parking signage, are classic digital signage applications. As shoppers are standing on escalators or sitting having an ice cream, they can be informed, entertained and alerted to special offers. The comprehensive installation Adversign Media implemented in the Vennehof Borken mall was on behalf of the owners ITG (Immobilien Treuhand GmbH). The provider used a total of 12 Samsung ME Series LFDs for this project. The SoC monitors can display content using Samsung’s MagicInfo® range of content management systems (CMSs). However, the monitors are also compatible with software from partner companies such as Adversign Media.

Samsung Solution and Benefits

Digital Advertising Spaces Increase Turnover

Under a leasing arrangement, retailers in the shopping mall – including bakers, hairdressers, fashion outlets, jewelers and sports stores – can draw shopper attention to current special offers on the monitors installed in their vicinity. Adversign Media not only provides the Samsung monitors, but the viewneo software, a CMS designed especially for SoC technology and suitable for both small and large networks. “We thus not only provide the shopping mall tenants with the means of publicizing their current offers, we also enrich the advertising through our information offering – editorial messages, local news, weather forecasts, etc.,” as Albert Roelen, Managing Director of Adversign Media, summarizes the advantages. “We provide shoppers with added value, enabling them to keep up to date with current events while out shopping.”

Using the viewneo software, current advertising community offers can be configured on the basis of HTML5 templates. The regularly updated editorial content is loaded through Contboxx, Adversign Media’s message portal. To provide a suitable platform for both advertising and content, Adversign Media replaced the old monitors with new Samsung LFDs and positioned them in strategic places around the shopping mall.

“Plug and Play” with Samsung System-on-Chip Displays

In the course of this upgrade, the new SoC displays were deployed for the first time. With SoC, Samsung provided a digital signage platform that integrated the media player in the display unit itself. “The great advantage of this solution is that you no longer need any hardware for an external player and the media content and the control functions can reside in the cloud,” explains Albert Roelen. “As a result, the installation is as simple as can be: you attach a monitor to the wall, plug it in and connect it to the Internet. And that’s it.” No server structure has to be purchased and set up. Apart from the displays, there are no devices or cables that need to be stored or concealed. Monitor control is also already integrated into the display. Consequently, installation time and the cost of the entire system are lower than without SoC technology. The LFDs can be positioned flexibly at any location in the shopping mall so that they are within easy sight of passers-by

Simple Software for Flexible Digital Signage Systems

Adversign Media developed viewneo especially for applications where each monitor cannot be controlled individually by a USB stick. The software is provided as cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that the software is not installed in the shopping mall but on a server operated by Adversign Media. The content for the digital signage network can be uploaded and controlled at the Vennehof Borken mall through a web interface. What is particularly streamlined about the Adversign Media solution is the direct connection between the digital signage software and the Contboxx editorial content message portal.

“What was most important to us was that the software would be adequate for professional use, yet simple to operate,” is how Albert Roelen describes viewneo. “Because we wanted even small entrepreneurs such as bakers and butchers to be able to operate it without extensive training.” The software has virtually unlimited scalability, so it can be used by anyone from retailers to global corporations, either as SaaS or on a server in a corporate network.


Successful Cooperation

The decision to use Samsung LFDs was made because of the good cooperation with the manufacturer and the high quality of the monitors. The new SoC displays are not only larger than the old screens, they also provide better image quality, clearly, brightly and with greater detail, as well as flexibly. In addition, the displays are suitable for narrow spaces and include a pivot function that allows them to be turned 90 degrees. Today, news and advertising signage can be displayed on a monitor wherever a static board was once used.

The owners of the shopping mall, ITG, and the stores benefit from the higher quality of the visitor and shopping experience in the Vennehof Borken mall, as proven by surveys of passers-by. “What attracted us to the digital signage system is its innovative, elegant design that fits perfectly into our modern, inviting shopping malls,” summarizes Stefan Geisler from ITG. “Not being IT specialists, we benefit particularly from the simplicity of the application that enables us to respond to the wishes of our tenants quickly and flexibly.”


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