Terms and Conditions

1. This site is operational for the purposes of promoting the products and services of WordText Systems, Incorporated (WSI), as well as providing a means by which transactions between the user and the aforementioned company may take place.

2. This site does not maintain or sell lists of its visitors. This site does not release or sell information about its visitors and its customers to any party without prior consent of the persons involved or a court order.

3. All information transmitted to this site regarding transactions and feedback through e-mail and other forms of online communication is secure. Information collected via these contacts is maintained in a database, but only for accounting and billing purposes. This database and the information it contains are not released to any third-party marketers. You will not receive advertisements from this site in the future other than those that pertain to clarifications of orders and notices of shipping.

4. This site uses cookies, but only for the purposes of log-in and transaction. This site does not authorize the use of its cookies for any other means. In this, no user is asked for information beyond that of a log-in name and a personal password within the site, although a user may be asked to provide such personal information when giving orders or feedback. Orders performed through the site may be processed without the need to re-enter the information.

5. No images, files or cookies may be downloaded from third-party servers based on this site.

6. All advertisements and links leading to locations outside the site are clearly labelled as such. There is no label within the site that leads to an outside area without explicit notification that this is the case.

7. This site will not sell or release lists of its customers, past or present, nor will it freely distribute advertisements to those customers.

8. These restrictions on the dissemination of personal information are not subject to change. This policy may be updated on occasion, but any such changes involved will not reduce the privacy protection of visitors. Future changes made to the site will not affect information that has already been collected.