How Sophos Firewall Protects your Network from the Latest Threats

What Is Sophos XGS Firewall?

In today’s digital era where cyberattacks and unwanted network traffic are rampant, small businesses and large corporations alike have taken to establishing firewalls in an effort to increase security. Many companies nowadays are implementing Next Generation Firewalls. However, despite this precautionary measure, hackers and digital assailants have also become adept in penetrating this barrier. With this, the Sophos XGS Firewall Series was created.

Sophos XR

What Are the Uses of Sophos XGS?

Sophos Firewall has always been committed in bringing improved firewall security, which led to the development of the Sophos XGS, which offers the following benefits:

  • Better Visibility – Network or web traffic are mostly encrypted, making it difficult for firewalls to detect. With SSL inspection facilitated by the Sophos XG Firewall, blind spots caused by encrypted traffic are removed without sacrificing overall performance.
  • Improved Performance and Protection – Sophos XGS incorporates a high-speed deep packet inspection or DPI. This scans web traffic effectively without using a proxy and without compromising the process. With the aid of FastPath and Xstream Flow Processor, Sophos XFS Firewall can also transport web traffic without the need for security against threats and malware. This can accelerate various applications, lessening the delay and improving the performance. In terms of protection, Sophox XGS incorporates DPI in web protection, app control and deep learning to block breaches and ransomware.
  • Connectivity Options – With more ports for external modules, Sophos XGS can provide a series of built-in and expendable connectivity options.
  • Synchronised Security – Users of Sophos XGS Firewall can identify the user or source that is infecting their network. They can also automatically limit access to some network resources. This is due to the unique Sophos Security Heartbeat. This feature enables the sharing of health status and telemetry between endpoints of Sophos and the firewall that joins endpoint health to the firewall rules. This results in a control in access and isolation of compromised systems.

Sophos XGS Firewall Highlights

Customers nowadays are looking for security tools with features that guarantee full protection and premium performance at justifiable prices. Sophos XGS Firewalls have certain features that are suited for customer’s different needs, as follows:

  • Sophos XGS is equipped with optional integrated Wi-Fi for an all-in-one connectivity
  • Dual processor architecture that is performance-oriented and budget-friendly
  • Second Wi-Fi radio module option that can be added with the W-models, which comes with an expansion bay
  • Ports with a power-over-Ethernet that is built-in on all XGS 116, 126 and 136 models (2.5GE on 136)
  • A redundancy option that offers a second power supply alternative for all XGS 1xx models
  • FFTH/FTTP or VDSL modem that can be used with SFP port on all models.

The market today is teeming with different security systems that can be beneficial to the economic elevation of an organization. Overwhelmed with numerous protective tools and their overlapping features, some of us easily fall prey to purchase immediately without discerning deeply. To avoid this situation, research and further information gathering must be done in order to implement security systems that are quality-oriented, effective and cost-efficient.

Sophos takes pride in providing security solutions like Sophos XGS Firewall that are tailored for different industries. To know more about their products, click this link:

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