SketchUp Studio for Universities: What SketchUp Products are included

Designed to furnish university-wide needs, SketchUp Studio for Higher Education features flexible design programs through convenient tiered subscriptions. After a SketchUp subscription or SketchUp renewal, this version provides the easiest way to get many projects done for both students and educators combined. Additionally, the new offering makes the account management portals easier and more effective than ever.

Difference between SketchUp Studio for Universities, Students, and Educators

SketchUp Studio for Universities, Students, and Educators are all user-specific terms of SketchUp Studio for Higher Education product suite. While all three have access to the full product suite, the pricing, deployment, and user management options differ per offering. 

Depending on your needs, the three subscriptions you can choose from include:

SketchUp Studio for Students

This is best for a single student user. Hence, its deployment is individual user login with individual account management.

SketchUp Studio for Educators

This is ideal for a single educator user. Similar to SketchUp Studio for Students, its deployment is individual user login with individual account management.

SketchUp Studio for Universities is a great option for ten or more users, providing bulk seating at tiered pricing for a minimum of 10 seats. Its deployment is products assigned by account admin – users login directly with both bulk upload and user management.

Why is SketchUp Studio for University the best option?

SketchUp Studio for Universities has replaced the no longer available Classic SketchUp Pro Institutional Laptop Licensing. This new offering involves all the features found in SketchUp Pro at convenient tiered pricing based on the number of entitlements each client requires.

SketchUp Studio for Universities is the best option for any institution that needs 10 users or higher. With it, teachers and SketchUp students can select the best subscription plan that perfectly suits their needs. The tiered subscription will let them enjoy a full suite of products in a single package, including SketchUp Pro, SketchUp for Web, Sefaira, Trimble Connect Business, LayOut, Mobile Viewer, and PreDesign.

What does the latest SketchUp Studio include?

A premium version, SketchUp Pro is one of the best 3D modeling software in the Philippines to communicate your ideas in 3D to build. It enables users to design models with accuracy and plan all the stages of the project. SketchUp trial is also available.

To enhance building performance, Sefaira’s analysis is fast and flexible enough to help keep you up with the pace of conceptual and schematic design. This cloud-based software for an energy-efficient building design is quick and easy to use that can run analysis to get your first results in just a matter of minutes.

LayOut and SketchUp Pro work hand in hand. Inserting SketchUp models into a LayOut document enables the user to design the document to highlight the best features of the 3D model.

This program lets you create your sketchy edge style from lines you’ve drawn, which can be either on paper or digital setting in an image-editing program.

SketchUp PreDesign improves your design research. It is a tool for any user who seeks design inspiration or ideas, especially when considering a new building design or renovation.

This is a map-based service to help users geolocate their models. Add Location is necessary when performing accurate sun and shadow studies.

This is your go-to optimization tool to optimize your SketchUp workflow. It has over 600 extensions and can help prepare your model for 3D printing.

3D Warehouse is a 3D model library with millions of models created in SketchUp that can be imported straight into the user’s model.

This helps in visualizing and presenting creations from all angles in virtual and mixed reality.

SketchUp Mobile Viewer grants users to store and share 3D models on iOS or Android mobile devices. Offline viewing is also possible in this app.

Trimble Connect for Business is included within a SketchUp Studio subscription. Trimble Connect gives SketchUp a whole new dimension for better outcomes.

This SketchUp version runs in a web browser to draw and create 3D models.

SketchUp Studio for University has made an efficient transformation for a university-wide audience, making both teaching and studying more functional and formidable than before. With its powerful updates, users can now deploy and manage multiple SketchUp subscription seats with ease. 

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