Advantages for Architects Using SketchUp Pro 2022

With SketchUp Pro 2022, the only limit is your imagination. Design whatever you can envision with ease and win more works when you acquire a SketchUp subscription.

As one of the leading architecture software, SketchUp is also one of the easiest architectural software to understand and learn. Hence, it’s suitable for both beginners and professionals, starting from the initial phases of design creation up to the execution of the project.

With SketchUp 3D modeling software, architects can get more job done – and clearly communicate the designs stories in detail to impress various clients.

What is SketchUp Pro 2022?

SketchUp Pro 2022 is a computer-aided design software or CAD software that brings anything you can imagine to life. It’s a full-featured desktop modeler used for a wide range of drawing applications, including architectural, interior design, and even video game designs.

It has a simple and intuitive interface yet a robust toolset to create and present ideas. As a rendering software, V-ray for SketchUp lets you combine real-time and photoreal rendering, all within SketchUp.

SketchUp as an Architecture Software

An easy-to-use architecture software in the Philippines, SketchUp Pro lets you design with ease and collaborate clearly.

Simple and Intelligible

What sets SketchUp apart from its counterparts, is that it is speedy, easy to use, and highly accessible. It contains intuitive interfaces, user-friendly tools, and features. It can generate an array of designs for any project. Also, it works in conjunction with the AutoCAD drawings. When you buy SketchUp or SketchUp renewal, you can get access to more features and extra capabilities that have entire design solutions ready.


SketchUp Pro offers high accuracy for creating 3D architecture modeling, from measurements to object positions and object slopes. It also provides several data and techniques in reference and inference from present objects or axis.


Whether it’s for architectural or engineering applications, SketchUp Pro lets you choose how precise you want the measurements to be. It is precise to a thousandth of an inch. You get to determine and design how huge or little the detail you need.

Create 2D Drawings to 6D campaign

SketchUp Pro can do more than just 3D models. With LayOut, you can bring your 3D design into 2D spaces and even up to 6D. Any change in the model also happens in the documents.

Create Presentation Documents

SketchUp Pro helps you present with convenience through LayOut’s uncomplicated yet interactive presentation features. Develop page configuration, vector illustration, drafting, and slide introductions with various styles, perspectives, views, to name a few. With SketchUp Pro, you can transform your models into walkthroughs and flyovers that define your message.

Create Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Certain features in SketchUp Pro allow you to transition your workflow into BIM from 2D-6D structuring to enhance architectural designs and help with building constructions.

Advantages of Using SketchUp

SketchUp is very helpful and flexible with the following benefits:

    • It makes drawing your design easy because the software is built to function like your hand. 
    • Since SketchUp Pro is intuitive yet powerful 3D modeling software, you can create lifelike drawings quickly and easily. 
    • SketchUp Pro provides rendering surfaces with a wide selection of architectural styles that fits your design well and thus impresses your client. 
    • SketchUp Pro supports third-party extensions. With SketchUp, you can integrate software that offers further capabilities easily. 
    • With SketchUp Pro, there’s an option for you to place your model within Google Earth.

SketchUp Pro 2022 Subscription and Pricing

You can buy SketchUp Pro 2022 subscription for a 1-year term, 2-year term, and a 3-year term. Afterward, you’ll be entitled to enjoy all features within your chosen SketchUp Subscription. The price starts at 18,000srp. You can try the SketchUp trial for free.

SketchUp Pro 2022 has been helping architect novices and experts, from preliminary schematics to construction documentation. With SketchUp Pro, uncover helpful techniques and wise tips to make designing easier and entertaining. You may also export your works easily in BIM programs with SketchUp.

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