Advanced SketchUp Skills for every Architecture student

Advance SketchUp Skills for Every Architecture Student

Whether for students or professionals, SketchUp has been a powerful 3D modeling software that brings every architectural idea to life. Being an architecture software in the Philippines that can orbit all angles, SketchUp Pro provides easy, flexible, and seamless features to design your 3D building.

From a labyrinth of tools and user-generated accessories, SketchUp has now evolved. Students and all its other users can now access a formidable collection of functions that are capable of producing complex and exportable results with ease.

What is SketchUp Studio Higher Education?

SketchUp subscription is found significantly useful for educational institutions in the field of architecture, engineering, interior design, urban planning, and more.

Designed for educational institutions, SketchUp Studio for Higher Education is one of the easiest ways to get the projects done. Both students and educators can gain access to all the tools needed to draw in 3D, analyze buildings, and creatively document and share ideas.

SketchUp Pro 2021 For Students

For primary and secondary schools, SketchUp for students is browser-based that’s signed up with G Suite for Education or Microsoft Education. As a core SketchUp modeler, SketchUp is integrated with both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Also, it is accessible on Chromebooks or any Internet-connected computer. 

The New SketchUp Studio for Universities

This year, SketchUp introduced the new SketchUp License for Universities. It includes an innovative interface that lets students boost their creativity while keeping a more comprehensible learning experience.

The brand new SketchUp replaces the SketchUp Pro Laptop Licensing. SketchUp for Universities provides a bulk subscription that offers tiered pricing options depending on the number of seats you need. It is the best option for 10 or more users for a subscription duration of one year.

While educational licenses have expiration dates, their functionality is no different from commercial ones at all. Free version upgrades are also available with no maintenance fees.

Advanced SketchUp Skills

Every architecture student has more to discover ahead. Here are advanced SketchUp Skills every architecture student should know:

• Understand Your Measurement Tools

Setting precise guide points or aligning the model in the right plane is easier when you use the correct measurement tools. Considering the x, y, and z axes in everything that you do is vital. A simple change on

one axis can affect the others, as it does in moving the model around which can result in messed up, unmatching lines when switching views. 

With SketchUp Pro, Tape Measure and Protractor tools can help to fix these issues. These tools allow you to see the main axes all the time and you can easily spot the changes in the entire 3D space and model whenever you make changes. Know how measurements affect your models.

• Group Everything

One way to keep related elements organized is through grouping entities, let the upgrades come afterward. It is also easier to select and copy multiple elements when they come in groups. If you no longer need a group, you can always ungroup them.

• Create Component

Creating components is done when you right-click the selected parts and then choose the Make Component from the menu. When you apply changes to one copy of the model you can also create a component into all other copies. This is incredibly helpful to allow consistency in your models.

• Purge Unused

Working with heavy and loaded files can slow down your progress and makes everything difficult. SketchUp may shut itself down if it becomes too full. Using too many ready-made models can be one of the reasons. Even if you delete them, they remain somewhere out there. You may use the Purge Unused to get rid of excessive files. Follow these paths Window> Model Info> Statistics> Purge Unused. However, be guided that purging can take time.

• Entering Size

Although you can see a bar displaying the dimensions of the model you made, you cannot click it. That’s why it’s better to start entering dimensions directly while drawing with SketchUp texture. Remember to separate the dimensions with semicolons (;) and not commas or you’ll get different dimensions than you need.

• Using Textures

Importing a series of textures into the SketchUp software is one of the keys to achieve a more realistic look for your models. From there, you can alter these textures using editing tools to create the right look that you need for your models.

• Segment Value of Circles

While creating lines in SketchUp is easy, drawing circles can be a challenge. If you’re having trouble creating a perfect circle, follow these steps: Draw a circle with your desired size and then click the outline that constructs the circle. The panel where you edited the models will show on the right screen and at the top is a box displaying the segment value of the circle. Increase the value of the segment and you’ll see smoother circles.

• Creating Section Animation

Animation is an impressive way to showcase your model to anyone. SketchUp allows you to animate anything using the software. Plus, the process is easy and simple to learn. Just add scenes into the animation tool and then modify the view as you like to create a sequence of scenes. Afterward, you may create transitions between every scene.

• Use a good rendering software

Using high-quality rendering software in the Philippines is crucial to envision your project clearly and make necessary adjustments as early as possible. SketchUp V-Ray is a formidable 3D rendering software that combines real-time and photoreal rendering in SketchUp itself. With V-ray vision, you can visualize, see around your model, incorporate materials, and install lights and cameras – all in real-time!

How to Avail SketchUp for Higher Education?

Simple and engaging, SketchUp for Higher Education contains every tool needed to draw 3D, create buildings, make documentation, and everything in between. Sketchup subscription, Sketchup trial, and Sketchup renewal have a worldwide network of local partners that can address unique needs.

Create excellent models faster with SketchUp where learning can be challenging yet fun and fulfilling. Wordtext Systems, Inc. offers SketchUp Pro 2021 For Students that produces detailed and professional-grade 3D models. For inquiries, feel free to contact us at +63 2 8858 5555 today.

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