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ZStack Cloud, adhering to the 4S standards (Simple, Strong, Smart, Scalable), provides you with powerful private cloud features and add-on services. Featuring lightweight deployment and open-source, the Cloud now supports diverse version planning to better meet your various business requirements.

ZStack Cloud 4.0 Is Here


ZStack Cloud Hybrid seamlessly interconnects the control plane and the data plane, bringing users an ultimate, easy-to-use hybrid cloud experience.

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The combination of private clouds and public clouds seamlessly integrates users’ private and public cloud services to achieve flexible resource scheduling. Users can deploy their businesses on a private cloud or public cloud as needed. Besides, ZStack Cloud Hybrid consolidates the isolated and fragmented IT resources through a public cloud, realizing the interconnection of all IT resources.

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zstack disaster recovery

Business Disaster Recovery

Many users could not establish their own remote DR equipment rooms because of the expensive and time-consuming implementation. With ZStack Cloud Hybrid, users can encrypt and back up data to public cloud storages and pay for these services on demand. This helps to achieve remote DR without expensive IT investments and worries about expansion.

Unified Control

Traditionally, users cannot centrally manage private and public cloud resources due to the lack of API integrations between private and public clouds. ZStack Cloud Hybrid introduces the public cloud services of Alibaba Cloud and simultaneously manages the private and public clouds by integrating core data resources such as accounts, networks, and storages.

zstack unified control
zstack cloud migration

One-Click Cloud Migration

One-Click Cloud Migration
Traditionally, it is hard for users to flexibly move their businesses between a private cloud and a public cloud because the data planes are not interconnected. With the Cloud Migration feature of ZStack Cloud Hybrid, users can migrate their businesses between a public cloud and ZStack Cloud without business interruption.

Security Protection

Traditionally, data on the private clouds and public clouds is protected separately, which results in repeated investments and constructions. ZStack Cloud Hybrid provides integrated online and offline protection capabilities, such as advanced Anti-DDoS, vulnerability scanning, and anti-virus. This achieves the closed-loop security of users’ public clouds and private clouds.

zstack security protection

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