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ZStack Cloud, adhering to the 4S standards (Simple, Strong, Smart, Scalable), provides you with powerful private cloud features and add-on services. Featuring lightweight deployment and open-source, the Cloud now supports diverse version planning to better meet your various business requirements.

ZStack Cloud 4.0 Is Here


ZStack Cloud Community provides a simple, easy-to-obtain productized private cloud platform with well-designed features for community users such as teachers, students, and cloud computing enthusiasts. You can apply for a free download to build your own private cloud platform and experience the compute, storage, and network features and services.


ZStack Cloud, licensed under Apache License 2.0, is an open source IaaS program originated in China.

The source code of ZStack Cloud is hosted on an open source platform. You can clone and submit your own contributions anytime.

Abundant, Practical Features Meet Different Community Users' Needs

ZStack Cloud Community provides community users with a private cloud platform with abundant features such as VM instances, VPC vRouters, volumes, snapshots, images, instance offerings, and disk offerings. We also provide comprehensive documentations to help you better explore the Cloud.

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