Internet Gateway

Xirus Mera landing portal with true cluster realtime synchronization of network connectivity
ensures seamless WiFi

Quintessential Features

Capture Customer’s Mobile Number & Mac Address

Capture customer’s information as they sign-in to your Wi-Fi network that can be exported to your marketing database. This allows you to stay connected to your customers even after they leave your shops.


Fully Customizable
Landing Page

Customize your own landing page depending
on your marketing ideas. You can also choose
from our standard landing page.

True Cluster

Multiple servers and data centers are running
and exchanging signals at distinctive locations
simultaneously to offer uninterrupted
Wi-Fi for users.

Supports 10,000 Concurrent

Xirus Mera technology supports up to 10,000 concurrent users, a rare offering in the market - a reason why this product was well adopted by discerning entities.

Industry Applications