About Xirus

XIRUS was founded by a team of Wi-Fi & Network Solutions tech experts. We have 10 to 20 years of experiences in blue-chip US Tech Firms. Seeing the upsurge needs for Wi-Fi performance in a dynamic environment, and the potential to leverage Wi-Fi’s usability for sales, marketing, and customer understanding, the company pours its passion into the research and development of solutions that, not only solves prevailing issues faced by all IT and Business executives, but also enhances efficiency of business and customer satisfaction.

Xirus has been serving some of the most discerning international institutions from the start. These include 5-star Hotel chains, top finance institutes, and government telecom authority. Our long-term and growing relationships with premier clientèle exemplifies trust that is built upon the incredible level of our service and technological commitment. We are flexible, we listen and respond to customers’ needs, and deliver performances as planned.

XIRUS operates in Hong Kong and Asia. Our certified partners’ network, extensive Wi-Fi planning experiences, and accuracy means that we can streamline large-scale projects without the usual cumbersome and procedure-focused approaches, offering clients a great project experience and performance efficacy.