McAfee Total Protection

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Data protection has always been an object of serious attention by enterprise security executives and compliance officers, but the recent privacy laws will undoubtedly elevate data protection to the boardroom due to the potentially serious consequences of noncompliance. What makes it even more challenging is that companies of all sizes are adopting cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Office 365, to give their employees greater flexibility and easier access to core business applications. As regulations and corporate needs place increasing demands on IT to ensure safe data handling, deploying necessary protective solutions can seem daunting. Some data loss prevention (DLP) products require substantial effort to deploy and typically have large ongoing consulting costs. Some DLP products leave it up to IT to know about all the data that needs to be protected, adding administrative burden and causing false positives.

Comprehensive data loss prevention in one suite

Protect Data Where it Lives

  • Protect intellectual property and business critical information on the network, in the cloud, and at the endpoints.

Remain Compliant

  • Ensure compliance and safeguard personal data with automated reporting.

Simplify Deployment and Management

  • Manage common policies and streamline incident workflows with flexible deployment options.
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