McAfee MVISION Cloud for Office 365

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McAfee® MVISION Cloud for Office 365 helps organizations securely accelerate their business by providing total control over data and user activity in Office 365

Key Use Cases Enforce sensitive data policies across Office 365

Prevent sensitive data that cannot be stored in the cloud from being uploaded to or created in Office 365.

Build sharing and collaboration guardrails

Prevent sharing of sensitive or regulated data in Office 365 with unauthorized parties in real-time.

Limit download/sync to unmanaged devices

Gain total control over user access to Office 365 by enforcing context-specific policies limiting specific end-user actions.

Perform forensic investigations with full context

Capture a complete audit trail of all user activity enriched with threat intelligence to facilitate post incident forensic investigations.

Detect and correct user threats and malware

Detect threats from compromised accounts, insider threats, privileged access misuse, and malware infection.


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