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Endpoint Security: What Are Your Priorities?

Security can be owned by a single or several teams within today’s businesses. In the case of enterprise organizations, it is often a function shared by multiple teams, such as IT administration and security operations. Whichever approach best describes the role you take in your business, what matters most to you will naturally lead you to be more concerned with a different set of capabilities and outcomes when it comes to your endpoint protection platform. The endpoint solution you depend on should align with the priorities that matter most to you. Regardless of your role, McAfee® Endpoint Security aligns to your specific critical needs—from preventing threats and hunting them to tailoring security controls. With McAfee® MVISION Insights capabilities, specific threat priorities are offered to work before the attack occurs. The solution enables to you to ensure system uptime for users, find more opportunities for automation, and simplify complex workflows.

Key Advantages

  • Advanced defenses for advanced threats: Machine-learning, credential theft defense, and rollback remediation complement Windows desktop and server systems’ basic security capabilities.
  • No additional complexity: Manage McAfee technologies, Windows Defender Antivirus policies, Defender Exploit Guard, and Windows Firewall settings using a single policy and console.
  • MVISION Insights: Respond immediately to potential active campaigns that are prioritized according to whether they are targeting your sector or geographies with a leading actionable security intelligence solution available today. MVISION Insights will predict which endpoints are lacking protection against the campaigns and offer prescriptive guidance on what to do to improve the detection. This is the only endpoint security solution to concurrently prioritize, predict, and prescribe actions.
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