Endpoint Encryption Helps Keep Your Data Safe

Drive encryption, file and removable media protection, and management of native encryption

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McAfee® endpoint encryption solutions protect valuable corporate data on user devices and shared servers with comprehensive encryption and integrated, centralized management; consistent policies; robust reporting; and proof-of-protection.

Key Advantages

  • Secure data on office desktop PCs, Macs, mobile laptops, VDI workstations, and collaborative tools like shared folders, USB drives, and cloud storage.
  • Confidently ensure consistent and persistent data protection across devices.
  • Protect company intellectual property, and support compliance requirements.
  • Simplify security management and enable broad yet granular visibility using McAfee ePO software for centralized deployment, management, policy administration, auditing, and reporting.
  • Easily and consistently enforce company-wide security policies.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and complexity by using comprehensive data protection solutions integrated with centralized management.
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