McAfee Data Loss Prevention for Healthcare: Practice Perfect Data Protection

Simplify data security and compliance, gain flexible control, and build the trust of your partners.

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Healthcare, probably more than any other industry, has strict mandates to keep highly sensitive information safe and confidential. Like most other industries, healthcare is subject to a rapidly increasing web of regulation. Regulations are increasing in number and in complexity, with penalties for noncompliance steadily rising in severity. McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions can help ensure your regulatory compliance, offer you oversight and control, and help you maintain the trust of your auditors, practitioners, and their patients.

Key Advantages

  • Receive consistent protection. Tightly integrated components protect your sensitive data from the USB drive to the network perimeter and beyond. Set policy either centrally or through delegated administration roles, and have those policies enforce uniformly where ever they are needed.
  • Getting started is easy. Pre-integrated, hardened appliances make deployment a breeze. Rack the appliances you need, choose from the comprehensive list of pre-configured policies, and start protecting your data. Policy templates for regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, and many local privacy laws are available.

  • Be proactive. The key to protecting data is understanding what it is, where it is located, who has access, and why it is used. Other DLP solutions expect you to know all that before they start protecting your data. We believe simple is better. Our DLP solution actually helps you understand your data, giving you the tools to protect it more completely and more quickly than other DLP solutions available today

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