Data Protection

Defend against data breaches while improving risk management and proving compliance.

Complete Data Protection

Trellix Device Control

McAfee Device Control

Protect against data loss by monitoring and controlling data transfers from PCs to removable storage devices, such as USB drives.

Trellix DLP

McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Quickly and effectively protects your data where it maybe.

Trellix Device Encryption

McAfee Drive Encryption (DE)

Full disk encryption software that helps protect data on Microsoft tables, laptops, and desktops PCs to prevent the loss of sensitive data, especially from lost or stolen equipment.

Trellix Native Protection

McAfee File & Removable Media Protection

Helps protect data stored in file shares, removable media, and cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Trellix Device Encryption 2

Management of Native Protection (MNE)

Advance cloud-native and local defenses for Windows PC and Server systems.

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