Advance Threat Defend

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A secure web gateway is a cyberbarrier or checkpoint that keeps unauthorized traffic from entering an organization’s network. The traffic that a secure web gateway governs is all inline—the gateway stands between all incoming and outgoing data. It prevents malicious website traffic, viruses, and malware from infecting enterprises or accessing its data. The web gateway only allows users to access approved, secure websites—all others are blocked. A more sophisticated function of a web gateway can prevent sensitive information (like intellectual property, data, and confidential documents) from leaving an organization’s site (also known as exfiltration)

Fundamental Web security

Flexible Deployment

  • Get high-performance web security through an on-premises appliance that can be deployed as dedicated hardware or a virtual machine.

Secure Inbound and Outbound Traffic

  • Enforce internet-use policies, analyze the nature and intent of content and active code entering the network, and use DLP technology to scan outbound traffic.

Expound Your Web Protection

  • McAfee Web Gateway is part of the McAfee Web Protection, a solution that includes McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service.
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