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Stratus Services for
ztC Endurance™

Stratus platform experts paired with unmatched
fault tolerance for complete peace of mind

Stratus provides a range of support and service offerings with a single focus – to enable your long-term continuous system availability and uptime for your critical applications. To ensure peak performance with no system downtime, Stratus Support Services provide proactive service offerings that meet your specific requirements and ensure the health of your ztC Endurance platform, including its underlying hardware and software components.

Stratus Support maximizes platform availability

Stratus platforms provide the most efficient way for leaders to digitally transform mission-critical operations for continuous availability and predictability with less risk. They are purpose-built to run business-critical applications and uniquely engineered for proactive health monitoring and serviceability without disruption, downtime, or data loss. Stratus’ unique Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™ software constantly monitors more than 500 system alarms to identify, manage, and report potential faults — and take action if required — before they impact your system. Combined with Stratus Support, Stratus platforms deliver unmatched reliability through our proven philosophy of integrated support, services, and platforms to deliver a complete availability solution.

Stratus ztC Endurance raises the bar for computing reliability with intelligent, predictive fault tolerance that delivers 7 nines (99.99999%) availability. Stratus Support offerings complement the platform’s built-in self-diagnosing system health, including alerts, which facilitate support functions such as remote monitoring, root cause determination, proactive issue resolution, and frictionless serviceability. Engaging Stratus experts and avoiding performance issues has never been easier.

Key Benefits

Stratus ztC Endurance platforms together with proactive Services ensure you benefit from the highest availability for your Microsoft® Windows Server®, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and VMware® vSphere™ operating environments

Stratus Support Services provides worldwide coverage around the clock, no matter where your servers are located.

Proactive health monitoring with Stratus ASN or your method of choice

Stratus’ proactive availability management combines our advanced technologies with industry best practices backed by our more than four decades of availability expertise. Stratus’ support technicians monitor your systems over our secure global ActiveService™ Network (ASN). Leveraging information provided by the Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™, these experts are at the ready 24/7/365 to remotely diagnose and remediate complex issues.

In addition to the Stratus ASN, you can choose to integrate monitoring and alerting with your existing tools using SNMP and other protocols to set up alarms and notifications according to your preferences.

Stratus’ cost-effective service options guarantee on-demand service no matter where your system is located. There are no hours of waiting for a repair technician to show up — hopefully with the right part — to get your business back online. Everything a service technician can do onsite, Stratus’ service engineers can do remotely. They work in tandem with your IT team to resolve problems online 99% of the time while your business applications and operations continue to run as normal.

Your single source for comprehensive support

Stratus provides a single source of accountability for complex inter-related platforms, system software, and operating system support issues. Our global critical situation management system gives you priority response to a critical service request in 30 minutes or less.

As a result, you are able to deploy and maintain Stratus ztC Endurance computing platforms with less effort, worry, and aftermarket cost, while operating them for twice the lifespan of traditional servers, clusters, or IPCs from other vendors. With Stratus Support, you maximize the value and performance of your compute platforms.

Root cause analysis prevents problem recurrence

The Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™ reports a depth and frequency of diagnostic information that is unmatched in the industry. Hardware and software issues are captured, analyzed, and reported to Stratus. This in-depth diagnostic information gives support engineers the details they need to determine the root cause of issues related to the hardware or operating environment. Engineers are also able to draw upon configuration information, including firmware revision levels and a complete incident history.

Stratus’ service management platform tracks system events across the entire installed base, enabling us to identify and take remedial action on trends before they pose problems. We also use this data to improve future product and service capabilities.

Stratus takes ownership of complex interrelated hardware, software, and connectivity issues when vendor responsibility is not immediately clear.

Root cause analysis prevents problem recurrence

Stratus’ comprehensive set of online support tools provide access to critical information.

Root Cause
Cloud-based Services infrastracture
Monitoring & Diagnostic

Our service options include:

Total Assurance support

Our Total Assurance coverage for ztC Endurance provides comprehensive, top priority support for customers with mission-critical applications. Total Assurance support offers a comprehensive set of proactive and reactive services for Stratus hardware and software, and third-party operating systems sold by Stratus.

Comprehensive operating system support: Collaborative services with partners enable us to isolate the root cause of OS issues so that they can provide a permanent fix. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Stratus has earned the highest level of certification for quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, when you purchase Red Hat Enterprise Linux or VMware ESXi® OS support from Stratus, we will work closely with your OS subscription support provider to resolve Stratus hardware and system software issues.

Virtual Machine Root Cause (vmRC):  coverage is a unique service offered exclusively by Stratus for customers who require root cause determination for Red Hat and Microsoft Windows guest operating systems sold and supported by Stratus.

Stratus takes ownership of complex interrelated hardware, software, and connectivity issues when vendor responsibility is not immediately clear.

Extended Platform support

Our Extended Platform Support coverage is designed to maximize the availability of your IT infrastructure. Stratus availability experts provide expert support and work with your team to resolve hardware and software problems with Stratus products. This plan includes the following services:

Stratus Support Services portfolio

For Stratus ztC Endurance systems running Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and VMware vSphere operating environments.

Stratus Service for ztC Endurance Coverage Features
Total Assurance
Extended Platform Support
Uptime Guarantee1
Vendor collaboration
Full OS support, including updates and root cause2
Priority critical situation management
Emergency onsite response3
General root cause problem determination
Uptime assurance layer software upgrades (AUL – Smart Exchange, Firmware, BMC, and BIOS)
Remote access troubleshooting
Proactive system monitoring (ASN)
Initial Incident Response (web, phone, email, alerts)
Hardware and software support response (critical)
< 30 minutes
< 2 hours
Advanced parts exchange
Next business day
Next business day
Media Retention Supplemental Service
Virtual Machine Root Cause (VMrc) Supplemental Service
Stratus Service Portal Access
Contract term: Years

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