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Secure your entire ecosystem without compromising on innovation.

Get the most out of your cybersecurity spend by leveraging automated, scalable tools that maximize the impact of your security team.

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Safeguard your data

Identify zero-day exploits within your cloud and IoT ecosystems in real time to keep pace with threat actors and protect your organization’s intellectual property.

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Mitigate third-party risk

Continuously rate the security posture of any entity on demand. SecurityScorecard scales your resources so you can identify the most pressing areas of risk across your entire third-party network.

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Select the best vendors

Enable your procurement team to perform fast, reliable cyber due diligence so they can determine if a prospective vendor poses an unacceptable risk to your organization’s data security.

“Using SecurityScorecard has clearly improved the speed of our response to security incidents in our supply chain as well as our ability to take preventative actions in areas that really matter.”

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Enable secure growth and innovation.

By understanding how specific risk factors affect your score, you can prioritize mitigation for the most impact. SecurityScorecard gives you access to tailored remediation plans so you can take the right steps to meet your goals.

Technology organizations are collecting hoards of consumer data in order to deliver tailored offerings and communications. Use your security rating and compliance certifications to show your customers you’re following industry best practices to safely deliver a customized user experience.

Timely, actionable security insights enable security teams to manage an explosion of applications and endpoints that need to be monitored.

That’s why we partner with leading security and digital risk intelligence providers. Whether it’s darknet intelligence or IP and domain signals, we provide the comprehensive visibility you need to protect your data.

Our integrations with dozens of marketplace partners help you automatically convert signal findings into actionable, streamlined workflows within your existing infrastructure. Once an issue is discovered, rule-based alerts help you automatically notify the appropriate party or send out a questionnaire in response to score drops or other material changes.

With SecurityScorecard, you gain visibility into how your organization’s security posture stacks up against industry standards and other technology companies. Our easily accessible board-level insights help business leaders understand the risks that come with new initiatives, enabling organizations to deliver products that are both competitive and secure.

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