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Redefine how your business operates and delivers products and services with data platforms. Explore new possibilities with real-time access to information, actionable decisions, and transformational innovation.

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly Sybase)

Extreme Transactional Processing? That’s SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise!

If your customers need transaction processing systems that support thousands of concurrent users with ultra-fast, nonstop performance on cost-effective, standards-based platform look to SAP ASE, our relational database management solution.

SAP ASE is an industry standard transactional processing relational database management system (RDBMS). 

SAP ASE supports thousands of concurrent users and is designed to provide highly-efficient database management while maintaining the performance needed for extreme transaction processing. Rely on SAP ASE to reduce risk, increase agility and establish a path for continuous innovation within mission-critical application environments.

SAP IQ (Data Warehouse)

Turn Big Data into Your Biggest Ally with Extreme-Scale Analytics Warehousing

SAP IQ offers customers the ability to exploit the value of big data, with the world’s fastest data loading, new compression techniques, and new ways to organize and partition data. It offers unprecedented flexibility and allows customers to get data where they want when they want it. Customers will have the ability to transform their business and explore deeper insights with low latency real-time analytics. SAP IQ offers fast, concurrent ingestion of data from multiple sources; while streamlining IT administration tasks and reducing IT workloads. Customers will experience a lower TCO as it can store and query more data, more affordably!

SAP Data Services

Integrate, Transform, and Improve your enterprise data – with SAP Data Services

SAP Data Services software can help customers boost productivity and cut costs by offering a single solution that includes data quality and data integration software. 

With the data quality software, users can correct data issues as they arise, prevent quality issues before they occur, and automatically fix data redundancies, inconsistencies, and errors within any application thus making for better decision-making and business operations. With the data integration software, users can access and move data of any size from any source – analytical, Big Data sources such as Hadoop and NoSQL, as well as machine-generated and geographic data – and integrate them to unlock deeper meaning. 

SAP SQL Anywhere

SAP SQL Anywhere enables customers to rapidly develop and deploy powerful database-powered applications in embedded SaaS, remote and mobile environments.

These data-driven applications can then run remotely on laptops, handhelds, and smartphones. With SAP SQL Anywhere, companies can keep data synchronized with thousands of mobile devices or remote offices, so that all business users can access vital data – anytime, anywhere.

SAP Data Integrator

Help Customers Deliver accurate real-time data when and where it’s needed

Customers can access and move data across the enterprise quickly and efficiently, with zero data loss – regardless of the source or target using SAP data integration tools. Customers can combine and migrate data across SAP-centric or heterogeneous data environments on premise, in the cloud, or embedded in applications.

SAP Information Steward

Help customers take charge of information across their enterprise

Customers need the ability to oversee information throughout its lifecycle – no matter how it’s used, who owns it, or where it resides. SAP Information Stewardship will perform data discovery and profiling to identify potential savings, lower the cost of downstream data cleanup, and improve collaboration between data analysts and stewards.

SAP Vora

SAP Vora enables businesses to analyze all data on a distributed computing framework to readily deliver insights or applications that meet business needs. Use it to generate actionable insights from vast amounts of distributed data at the speed of business to drive innovation and competitive advantage.