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Running DevOps and DevTest on Azure

May 06, 2020

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery using Azure

May 20, 2020

Engaging your customers in the remote world

May 26, 2020

Microsoft Secure Virtual Live Event

May 29, 2020

Digitize to maximize retail success

June 02, 2020

Building your cloud strategy

June 03, 2020

SQL Server Modernization Virtual Live Event

June 03, 2020

Data and Analytics Virtual Live Event

June 10, 2020

Azure Architecture Basics

June 17, 2020

On-demand Webinars

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Azure IaaS: An Introduction

Creating Intelligence Apps with AI

Deploying Open Source Apps on Azure

Modern Data Warehousing and Analytics on Azure

Azure Architecture Basics

Enabling the true Hybrid cloud with Azure Stack and Azure Stack HCI

Cloud Adoption Framework: An Introduction

VMWare Scalability on Azure

Virtualize Desktops & Apps with Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Azure Data Services Overview

Modernize your Apps for the Cloud

Supercharge SAP with Azure

Azure Management and Governance

What is Azure

Building your Hybrid Data Platform with SQL Server 2019

Get your Data Center Cloud Ready with Windows Server 2019

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security on Azure

What is your Cloud Strategy?

Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 EOS

Migrating your Data Center to Azure

Working remotely – Stay productive, stay safe

Security thru Simplicity

Teams Hour: Secure remote work with Microsoft Teams

Securing your Organization: Microsoft Secure Score

Running DevOps and DevTest on Azure

Microsoft Security: Tech Product Updates

Teams Hour: IT Pro tips to manage Teams effectively