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  • • Once subscribed, Contract Manager will receive an email with a link to the Autodesk Account. All users should have their own Autodesk accounts with the necessary Autodesk licenses placed under their name.
  • • End-users will be provided with different download methods to choose from
  • • Access the Autodesk Account through accounts.autodesk.com
  • • Installation will depend on which type of download method an end-user would choose. Installation methods can vary from Online or a complete download of the installer.
  • • Software updates can be accessed using an Autodesk Account provided that the user of the account has an active Autodesk license assigned to them.
  • • To give users access to software and services, add them individually or in bulk in Autodesk Account. After you invite users, they receive a confirmation email with a link to create an account with their own email and password. From their account, they can download products and access support. If the user doesn’t accept the invitation within seven days, you’ll need to resend the invite.
  • • In Autodesk Account user management, primary and secondary admins can assign access to products and services by product, rather than by user. If you are adding a new user, that user receives a confirmation that explains how they can create their own account and download their software.

• While the principle is the same, this actually pertains to transitioning from a stand-alone maintenance plan, a network maintenance plan, or a multi-user subscription to a single-user (named user) subscription.

For better understanding, refer to the following steps below;

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