Let’s grow our business together!

We’re constantly in search of promising new business partners! Apply now and become a partner reseller of WSI, just fill up and submit the Dealer Application Form along with the application requirements and our sales secretary will get in touch with you regarding your application.

Application Requirements

  • Duly accomplished Dealer Application Form ( download )
  • Clear (soft or hard) copy of at least two (2) government issued IDs with photo and signature (i.e. passport, driver's license, etc.). For corporations, the government issued IDs of all incorporators OR directors; For partnerships or sole proprietorships, the government issued IDs of the partners or proprietors.
  • Duly accomplished Reseller Information Form ( download ) For corporations, current & updated General Information Sheet duly filed with SEC:
  • Certified True Copy of the SEC Registration
  • Certified True Copy of the Certificate of Bureau of Domestic Trade
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  • Company Profile / Current Business Permit
  • Local supplier list (Minimum of five (5) with contact person and telephone number)
  • Certified True Copy of the Certification of Taxpayer’s Identification Number (BIR Form 2303)