Mobilizing to Stay Connected and Productive in the New Normal

There are two sides to the remote-work situation that most of us find ourselves in today. The first is the official, corporate side that says that everything is under control and we’ve transitioned seamlessly to this new normal.  The second is the personal side, where I already miss the daily IRL interactions with my team and I hope that my Zoom camera doesn’t accidently capture me in my pajamas.

Like you, we’re working around the clock to help our customers, partners, and employees mobilize to respond to these unprecedented circumstances. George Kurian, our CEO, recently outlined what NetApp is doing in response to COVID-19.

Over the past week, our marketing, sales, and operations teams around the world have come together to identify the most pressing needs of IT organizations and to find ways to expedite how we can help solve those problems. We’re in this together, and NetApp is here to help.

1. Understand your next 30 days

We can help you analyze your capacity trends over the next 30 days—including cloud and on-premises infrastructure—and identify applications that might be running hot or storage systems that are overburdened. Existing customers should log in to NetApp® Active IQ® today to take advantage of new predictive risk models for systems that are reaching performance or capacity limits. We can also help you understand where you might be vulnerable to new security threats.

2. Support your remote workers

We can help you support the sudden increase in remote workers with cloud-based end-user computing (EUC) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions and high-performance on-premises solutions designed for 3D VDI and power users.

3. Make sure that your data and applications are available and performing optimally

Once you know where your hot spots are, we can help you rationalize your data and application infrastructure, move data between on-premises storage and cloud, and help ensure data availability across clouds. ONTAP® data management software includes a range of capabilities to enable business continuity, including data protection, replication, and continuous availability.

We’ve put together a webpage with full details about each of these agendas.

Our team is standing by, ready to help you wherever you are from wherever they are (in pajamas or not).


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