How to Improve Your Storage Infrastructure with HPE Primera

As organizations rely more and more heavily on real-time data to drive their businesses forward, it’s become essential for them to begin modernizing their storage infrastructure. Further, the mass migration to cloud and hybrid IT models has increased exponentially the demand for large-capacity data storage. But while data-storage formats and capacities have kept pace with modern application needs, the speed at which hard disk drives can access information has barely improved.

This has led many businesses to seek out NVMe-ready tier-zero storage solutions that are able to support the performance requirements of today’s enterprise applications.

This is where HPE Primera from Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help.

What is HPE Primera?

HPE Primera is an innovative data-storage solution designed for simplicity, resiliency, and performance when running mission-critical applications and workloads. Optimized for NVMe, HPE Primera is a parallel, multi-node, all-active platform that achieves predictably high performance at extremely low latency.

How Does HPE Primera Improve Your Storage Infrastructure?

HPE Primera is the next evolution of 3PAR. Designed for agile environments and backed with a 100%-availability guarantee, HPE Primera optimizes infrastructure operations through advanced artificial intelligence.

HPE Primera reduces downtime and eliminates disruption due to storage system upgrades by allowing feature-modification without requiring significant changes to the operating system. This enables faster updates than traditional storage systems, and supports the rapid availability of data-driven applications. HPE Primera’s architecture uses inline data compression and relies on automated algorithms that optimize cache and improve the overall throughput of storage media.

HPE Primera also leverages predictive acceleration techniques via an AI/ML-driven engine that holds workloads accountable for meeting SLA terms. This intelligent, streamlined design helps identify inconsistencies in low-latency solid-state storage solutions and improves utilization and consistency of subroutines without impacting the end-user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How hard is HPE Primera to install? Designed with simplicity in mind, HPE Primera can be installed and up-and-running in 20 minutes or less, and may be provisioned in seconds.

2. How fast is it, really? Powered by HPE InfoSight, HPE Primera uses AI models to optimize multi-node performance for consistent, continuous throughput of application workloads. This includes 122% faster Oracle performance.[1]
3. How much control does HPE Primera allow?Users have full control over the provisioning of Primera and the flexibility of built-in and always-on data reduction. HPE Primera also provides visibility to continuously optimize the placement of application workloads, along with insight into all performance metrics.

4. How affordable is the storage solution? HPE Primera is available as a fully-managed or customer-managed solution. Alternately, customers may leverage a pay-per-use model through HPE GreenLake.

HPE Primera is the world’s most intelligent storage solution for mission-critical applications, and is designed to handle all of your organization’s tier 0 performance and reliability needs. HPE Platinum Partner, Anexinet is a leading technology consultancy that specializes in the integration of transformative solutions like HPE Primera to help organizations optimize their infrastructure for better performance and sustainability.

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