Questions for IIoT Success

The industrial internet of things is sweeping across industries from food and beverage to manufacturing, and with the rise of IIoT comes the possibility for new efficiencies and more optimized operations. Thus, leading to new opportunities to control risk and decrease costs.

Although the real tipping point comes when making the transition to IIoT is deriving meaningful ROI — which is not always easy. While the road to IIoT may be marked with twists and turns, it does not have to be fraught with so much uncertainty. There is a very essential balancing act between managing the existing systems and processes against the introduction of new technologies. Combine this with the need to remain up and running with zero downtime, and the task might feel impossible.

To ensure success when undergoing an IIoT project, start by asking yourself these four questions (as explained in more detail on IoT Agenda):

1. How can we encourage synergies across teams?
2. Are applications in the right place?
3. Are you set up to scale the edge effectively?
4. What’s the best way to secure this new connected edge?

For most the path to IIoT will be an evolutionary journey. Before you can start to tap the potential of next-generation, big data-driven, intelligent automation, you must modernize the foundation on which it is built. And that means taking a hard look at existing operational technology.

Modernizing your infrastructure will deliver incredible benefits in terms of reliability and manageability to create a future-proof platform to build your organization’s IIoT strategy.

Want to hear more on common questions surrounding IIoT?

Check out our short video with Jason Andersen, Vice President of Business Line Management as he provides insight on and addresses common questions in Industrial IoT.

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