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Introducing Huawei's CloudCampus Solution

The cloud is bringing comprehensive intelligence to enterprises of all sizes — enterprise campus networks must keep up. Stated simply, Huawei's CloudCampus Solution is designed to construct fully-wireless, intelligent cloud campus networks centered on user experience in the cloud era. This solution inspires innovation by tearing down organizational barriers, and enables networks to keep pace with the cloud, in turn vastly improving efficiency. Facilitating one hop to multiple clouds, Huawei's CloudCampus Solution quickly provisions services in mere minutes. It also offers a high level of intelligence that proactively detects and optimizes the service experience.


Fully Wireless Access Tear down boundaries and inspire ongoing innovation

Builds a gap-free, fully wireless network that ensures no speed reduction, service interruption, or compromised experience for office and production applications anywhere, inspiring more enterprise innovation.

One Global Network One hop to multiple clouds, with always-on services accessible anywhere.

Builds an 'SRv6 + SD-WAN' enterprise network that features one-network wide reachability, secure interconnection across multiple branches and clouds, deterministic experience for application access, and always-on services accessible anywhere

Cloud Management Autonomous driving network, with agile service provisioning.

Delivers end-to-end automated management across LANs and WANs, and enables unified orchestration and management of enterprise networks, terminals, policies, users, and applications.

Intelligent O&M Intelligent experience assurance with ultra-reliable services.

Constructs an evaluable and optimizable enterprise campus network that harnesses the power of AI for user, network, and application experience assurance and fault self-healing, thereby ensuring always-on production and office services.

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