Yubico BIO End User Webinar

Getting Biometric Authentication Right

Event Date:

March 17, 2022


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

High security plus great user experience

Key Takeaways:

The convenience of using a fingerprint or facial recognition to replace the burden of remembering, entering, and changing passwords to access applications and services is becoming a reality. Mobile phones and laptops now include support for biometric authentication, but without the proper approach, they may come at the cost of security.

Attend this session to learn about:

  • The latest market trends and growing cyber threat vectors.
  • Biometric authentication reimagined to deliver strong security.
  • How users can gain strong security with a seamless passwordless user experience.



1:50 PM

Yubico AVPs

2:00 PM

Opening remarks, WSI Company Profile, House Rules

2:30 PM

Yubico Bio Presentation

2:45 PM


2:50 PM

Feedback form announcement + activities (game)

3:00 PM

Closing Remarks


Vincent Santos

Sr. Product Manager, Yubico – WSI

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